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in the power of the collective. So, we are connecting driven and confident women-business owners, leaders and professionals to one another, creating a network that empowers and supports our members as they work to reach their next level of success. 

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Our mission at Her Story of Success is to help women-business owners, leaders and professionals build their tribe and reach their next level of success - connecting them to one another, equipping them with resources and empowering them along their journey. 

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Featuring stories from influential women trailblazers and business leaders who have defined and pursued their own versions of success and fulfillment in hopes of inspiring you throughout your journey.

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Leah Glover Hayes has a passion for helping women define and find success by pursuing their passion. She is a podcast host, public speaker and panel moderator, and engagement consultant. From working with established women-business owners looking to leave a lasting legacy, ambitious emerging professionals looking for the next step in their career and companies who seek to authentically connect with women in their communities - Leah loves serving those who are striving to make an impact in the world.

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