Holiday Gift Ideas

“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

— Hamilton Wright Mabie, American Essayist

Where has 2019 gone?!?! If you haven’t already started your holiday shopping, now is the time. We are just ahead of the Black Friday masses, but of course, always have the option of ordering many of our gifts from the comfort of our stretchy pants.

I started writing this, thinking of the specific products to suggest but then had an experience that changed my mind. I had reached out to my siblings to try and discuss what to get my parents for Christmas. It is impossible to decide. They are both independent people who purchase what they want when they want it. But of course that isn’t limited to them, after speaking with several people it is clear that is just the way most adults are. And if you’re thinking “I don’t buy what I want, when I want it, I don’t have a money tree Jenna.” Look, I get it, but whatever gift you have in your head right now, do you really want someone else to pick it out? 

Despite these obstacles, I would guess that most of you still have names on the shopping list that you need help with. Through some research and conversations, I have come up with a few ideas to get you headed down the right path.


Ugh. A place most of us spend about half our time. Any gift that makes that experience more enjoyable would be much appreciated. Just think about all the things it takes to get to the office:

  • Coffee
    • Think great mugs, great coffee, new coffee makers, and special coffee makers like pour-overs and french presses. Depending on the person you can easily move this thought process into the tea and matcha categories. 
  • Transportation
    • I am from the Midwest and moved to Nashville for its southern warmth. However, it still gets pretty dang cold here, and you know what would be nice? Seat warmers! Or for the person in a long commute, some Sirius XM, a contraption to hold their phone for directions, special seat covers, etc. But what I personally would love, is for someone to detail my car. It needs it, and I am not going to do it. 
  • Clothes
    • Fortunately or unfortunately, most of us are judging people in the first 15 seconds of seeing them by what they are wearing. Have a few great pieces to build a power wardrobe can be critical. Gift cards to the places they like to shop or a clothing rental company may be helpful. Other thoughts here are dry cleaning gift cards, nice hangers, or a home steamer for some of those more finicky pieces.


OOooh. A much more desirable topic than work. What does that person on your shopping list do for fun?

  • Travel
    • I love traveling, and depending on the trip I am packing a variety of gear. My husband and I love to travel with large backpacking packs to avoid checking bags at the airport. We always travel with a great water bottle, a reusable bag that collapses down to the size of a cellphone, and a first aid kit. I also have a log that is built for keeping track of our travels. It has a place for a photo, to record the weather, date, what we loved, and what we want to do next time. Speaking of bags, there are lots of ways to personalize them as well.
  • Sports
    • When I say sports I think active. Do they bike, run, hike, swim, golf, play softball etc.? What gear do they need to do that? Where do they buy it? How can you show some interest in it by purchases that new shirt, equipment, or some kind of memorabilia from a team they love? Fitness watches and heartbeat monitors are also great for the one one who likes to track progress.
  • Eat. Drink, and Be Merry
    • Why not be merry? We are talking about the holidays after all. All things food and beverage make the perfect gift, everyone has to eat! So many choices in this category: meal planners, cookbooks, restaurant gift cards, new cooking or serving dishes, specialty alcohol, new cocktail glasses, food clubs, specialty chocolate, cooking classes, food delivery, you name it!


Finally, time to chill. At the end of the day, if you’re like me, you’re hoping to get home and get out of our real pants. Help to encourage those close to you to take a break. 

  • Read
    • I love reading any and all things. But I never have a good bookmark, always looking for small bits of paper to keep my spot. (And sometimes, I even bend the corner of the page. Eek.) But really, lots of good gifts for readers; like bookmarks, glasses holders, kindles, book club memberships, gift cards, decorative bookends, and time to read.
  • Self-Care
    • Massages, pedicures, manicures, haircuts, facials, and the home versions of all those. Plus great lotion, shampoo, bath towels, face masks, loofahs, gym membership, workout gear, makeup, you get the drill. Whatever helps someone feel their best. 
  • Get Cozy
    • I have an image of a beautiful wintry scene that I am observing from a couch, next to a fireplace. HA. Fuzzy blankets, great sweatshirts and sweaters, fluffy socks, new pj’s, hot cocoa, and furry animals. Don’t forget about the pets! They want new things to snack and gnaw on.

I hope this has helped spur some new gift ideas. But I think what most of us want for the holidays is to be together with our tribe and feel valued. Sharing a meal with those closest and dear to us is the kind of holiday cheer we all need.

Non-Profit Spotlight

WiNGS is a non-profit in Dallas, TX. Their mission is to empower women, fight poverty and impact generations. “When one woman succeeds, she places a step for the next generation to stand on.” They offer classes on finance, office software, small business marketing and more. Most importantly, they focus on single mothers, understanding the unique roadblocks they face and combating them with their service. Be sure to read more on them here.

If you have a non-profit in your area that is supporting women in an impactful way we want to hear about them! Comment with links below or send us an e-mail.