Let’s Celebrate 2019

“I discovered that a fresh start is a process. A fresh start is a journey – a journey that requires a plan.”

— Vivian Jokotade, author, international artist, and entrepreneur

Wow! This year has flown by! All of us at Her Story of Success are beaming thinking about the wonderful people we have interviewed this year, all out new listeners and followers, and the community we are creating together.  We are beginning to turn our shine on 2020 and are excited to tell y’all all about it.

Community Created Across the Country

In 2019 we began holding Her Story events focusing on all the topics our listeners and readers requested. In June we were in New York, July Philadelphia , in August we stopped by Orange County to talk about Evolving in the Digital age, and in September we were pumped to bring the party back to Nashville to talk branding. If you missed us, we would love for you to attend the next time we’re in your town, you can stay current on our events here.

Top Thoughts from 2019 Blogs and Podcasts

With podcast episodes and blogs alternating Monday releases Leah produced 26 podcasts this year, interviewing women from across the country, industries, backgrounds, and experiences. In May of this year I was lucky enough to be added to the mix as a blog writer. Writing to you now for the 18th time this year.

Some of our favorites have been:

  • Podcast with Mixtroz – Kerry and Ashlee break down how Mixtroz works, where it is today and where they hope it’s going. Since people often tend to focus on their mother-daughter relationship, they explain how they’ve made their partnership work and how having family in your business can be a helpful asset. In 2018, Ashlee and Kerry became just the 37th and 38th black women to ever close a million dollar round of funding.
  • Blog on Knowing Your HealthOur health is our number resource and it is delicate and finite. Our ability to earn the money we do, provide for our families both monetarily or otherwise, and to find personal fulfillment through activities is reliant on our good health. 
  • Podcast with Maneet ChauhanManeet Chauhan left her native India to attend the Culinary Institute of America and has gone on to become a culinary ambassador for Indian food in her roles as a chef, restaurant owner, cookbook author and Food Network star. 

  • Blog on BrandingCreating an image with intention is what will set you and your business apart. Her Story of Success is similar to established brands in that it has undergone a process to determine its voice and has let its core values dictate its character.

Check out our recent podcast Live from NYC, and other great podcast episodes here.

What We are Looking Forward to in 2020

Leah and her new business partner Melissa N. Aldridge will be adding more partnerships, female brand spotlights and sponsorship’s, listeners from across the globe and increased community engagement. 

What’s not changing about Her Story of Success is our devotion to the growth of our community. Her Story of Success’s mission will always be to empower, support, and uplift the women of our local and ever-growing global community.

Non-Profit Spotlight

“Women for Women International’s signature program emphasizes the combination of social and economic empowerment. Social empowerment helps women breach the barriers that block them from society while economic pathways increase food security, income, savings and resilience to shocks.(Women for Women)”

Nonprofits like Women for Women are helping to lift women in society across the globe. Creating greater equality and equity that will further support future generations of women.

How can we best help you with your goals in 2020? Reach out to Her Story of Success via email or on our socials, tagging #HSS. See you next year!