Find Your Passion

Finding a career of passion can seem out of reach, but what if it’s not?

As your career develops there is merit in developing a passion and finding joy in your work. Psychologist Angela Duckworth has made a career out of studying grit and passion. “Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals,” says Duckworth. It is her opinion that a career of passion is developed by those with grit who take years to develop their craft. But, what if you don’t know what your craft is? It is scary to change jobs, leave the corporate comfort zone, and go all in. Plus, will it really work?

What to look for:

Maria Aspan, award winning magazine writer and business journalist says: “take a job where you will fundamentally enjoy the day to day”. It is key to find joy and purpose in the day to day tasks that aid in building towards your long-term goals. Find time to really analyze how you spend your time and focus on where you find the most joy, then get clear about how you can do more of it.

Afraid to take the leap?

Laura Lea Goldberg, Certified Holistic Chef and cookbook Author: “is it really that risky though? Is it really? What’s the worst that could possibly happen to you?” Many successful professionals’ credit much of their success to mentors who supported them along the way. Once you have gotten clear about what you want, share that goal with your mentor, and anyone else who will listen. You never know where a conversation will go. Don’t let yourself get comfortable with being just fine. “One of the scariest places for someone to be is moderately happy – because it’s so easy to justify not making a change”

Hard work pays off.

In our most recent podcast with Sarah Scarborough CEO of Firepot Nomadic Tea she speaks on the winding path that has brought her to the place she is in her business; “I look back and I see how it’s all unfolded – maybe there was a method to the madness.” While you may not have the current benefit of hindsight you can use Sarah’s to have more foresight into your own path. Sarah and other women we have interviewed on the podcast have credited saying yes to the myriad of opportunities that came their way. As Sarah stated it is important to have “grace with yourself and know that you’re at the right place.”

Finding your career passion can be a series of trial and error. We would love to hear about your feedback on finding your career passion.