Transition Your Wardrobe for Fall

“Each moment of the year has its own beauty.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson – American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet

It’s late September and the tree’s down here in Tennessee are beginning to indicate that it is time for fall even if the weatherman hasn’t gotten on board. But in the midst of this unexpected heat may be the best time to look at updating and changing your wardrobe for the fall season.

Fashion Magazine has some of the best tips on how to do this. The article includes several great examples and explanations on how to repurpose your favorite summer pieces. Adding tights, boots, and thicker tops to summer dresses and skirts can have you looking great, while prepared for the cooler temperatures. “KNEE HIGH BOOTS ARE EVERYTHING THIS FALL” says personal stylist Bri Bradshaw. They go with all your wardrobe essentials.

Incorporating softer colors can be an easy way to transition your wardrobe. Pair your bright summer colors with neutrals like black, nude, grey and white. If you want to embrace the fall color palate, add deep tones of your favorite summer colors such as merlot, gold, and charcoal.

Glamour has put together a great slideshow, showcasing the do’s and don’t of transitioning your look. Some examples they include with visuals are:


  • Add tights to your summer dresses
  • Pair khaki with white and denim
  • Update your outfit with a scarf


  • Bring hiking gear off the trail
  • Wear socks with sandals (ever)
  • Over do-it with accessories

If you aren’t sure where to start, look at the suggestions from Cosmopolitan, they have many fall wardrobe staples. A midi-skirt, great cardigan or oversize jacket/blazer may be the piece you’re missing. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, then be sure to look at Vogue’s list of seven essentials. Having a great jacket like a classic trench coat can be the original touch you need.

If this all feels new and overwhelming to you, then you and I have something in common. It wasn’t until recently that my friend, Bri Bradshaw, told me about wardrobe prepping. Think of it like meal planning, in the same way you think of the activities for the week and plan you meals accordingly, doing the same for your outfits can be a time saver.

This article from Classy Career Girl has all the steps on how to start such a process. This can take the stress and guess work out of what to wear to work, by spending a bit of extra time at the beginning of the week instead of each morning.

  • Start Basic and Practical – think of the weather and what you will be doing
  • Be mindful of variety – switch up colors and styles from day to day
  • Re-use – re-using basic pieces will save money and create ease in your choices
  • Spice it up – add accessories to make each outfit unique and your own
  • Transition Day to Night – swap shoes, ditch the blazer and add some brighter lipstick
  • Be Ready for Life – set out one too many options for those last-minute changes in schedule

Not every designer has taken the time to create pieces for all shapes and sizes. But Rebecca Minkoff has just released some plus-size outfits made to elevate your professional look. Partnering with Stich Fix they are able to meet more women’s needs. Asos is another great brand that creates styles for all shapes. Check out this Bustle article for even more tips on dressing for your body shape.

As a final note, now is the best time to pick out and purchase your winter coat. Grab them now before prices go up and unique styles are gone.