How We Can Invest In Others

“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Investing in others is a great way to share our knowledge and experiences. “Whether you’re acting as a mentor, a parent, or a well-meaning spouse, you hope to exert a positive influence and assist someone in reaching their goals. What’s the best way to do this? (Greater Good)” Mentorship, leadership, management, networking, and vulnerable conversations can be great ways to invest in the success of others.


“A great mentor doesn’t just provide guidance and answers during career transitions or sticky situations; she also provides motivation and inspiration to help her mentee get to the next level and fulfill her potential. (Forbes)” Mentorship works both ways, often mentors learn new skills and perspectives from their mentee’s. Find a way to create space for two-way communication.

“The mentor has to be willing to let the mentee make mistakes and try guiding them again.(Business News Daily)” This can be difficult as it takes time, and time is a precious resource for most of us. Mentorship is an obligation that’s truly an investment on both sides with an unknown return. It takes two parties who are dedicated to the relationship to develop a rewarding experience.

Leadership and Management

A job position with leadership can be a great opportunity to invest in the development of those you lead. Providing feedback, training, and learning opportunities can make a huge difference in someone’s career. “Leaders don’t just wait to be told what to do—they think strategically about what needs to be done, and then they do it. (The Muse)”

“It’s a fact of human nature that several people who are collectively advocating an idea exert more influence than a lone proponent. (Harvard Business Review)” Don’t be afraid to create a team of leaders than can collaborate for a greater good. Including others ideas, or just giving them a platform to share their perspective can create more trust and support in the final decision.


“As you further your career, you will realize that relationships go a long way and, in the end contribute to one’s success. (Business Insider)” Leah and I love to connect people. Knowing the right person can mean the difference in your achievement or lack of. I think it is important to note that you never know where a conversation will go and sometimes you may just be offering a stepping stone. 

Connecting others without expectation will be rewarding in the long run. Opening your network is a sign of trust. “The greatest networkers I know genuinely like to help others. They’re always doing it. And if they ever do need anything, people will fall over themselves to help them.(Inc.)”

While leadership, mentorship, and even networking could be viewed as passing information from the top down, I would like to point out that everyone has something to offer. Kids to retirees all have different views that we can share and build upon. Don’t let a perceived hierarchy get in the way of sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and experience. We have so much to learn from each other.

Nonprofit Spotlight

Strong Women Strong Girls is an organization that “works to counter the social pressures that discourage girls in under-resourced communities by combining multi-generational group mentoring to build a community of strength around every girl.” The work with all ages from young girls, to college students, and professionals. 

They are currently operating in Boston and Pittsburgh. If you are near those cities click here to find out how to get involved!

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