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Role Models Who are Advancing the Future of Women

If you’re looking for a fresh dose of inspiration, or you want to learn more about some of the ways you can get involved with advancing the future of women across the world, here are six women you should know.

Lessons We’ve Learned From Women Who Paved the Way

As we seek to empower women to achieve new levels of success, we draw inspiration from our peers in the present, but also from women throughout history. In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re looking back at eight incredible trailblazers and leaders in different industries and examining the ways in which their stories can inform our efforts today.

Using Analytics to Guide Social Media Strategy

As social media marketing becomes an increasingly important part of a business’s strategies (and budgets), tools for measuring engagement and analytics are more comprehensive than ever before. So how can you better understand your social media performance, maximize audience engagement and create more informed, effective content? Having the right tools makes a huge difference, but so does knowing what to measure.

Honoring Juneteenth in 2020

As many White Americans look for new ways to learn about systemic racism and act as an ally for their Black friends and co-workers, Juneteenth represents a unique and important opportunity to understand the legacy of slavery in the U.S. and also celebrate Black culture.

Dimeta Smith Knight: Passion to Uplift Others

While reflecting on the last 10 years as a business owner, Dimeta Smith Knight recounted some of the most important lessons she’s learned along the way, which apply to any field or industry.

Podcasting 101: The value of starting a podcast

Podcasting is such an effective tool for building a brand, sharing information, finding new customers and even earning additional revenue. Here’s why.