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5 PRO Tips for Navigating Pandemic Life

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, we were forced to toss our regular routines out the window to adapt….and adapt hard! From sudden schooling at home, summer camps canceled, working from home alongside spouses or partners, all while maintaining careers, running businesses, or reeling from sudden unemployment…. whoa, #allthefeels.

Reclaiming Empathy with Rana el Kaliouby

“We talk about pursuing your dreams, but we don’t often talk about outgrowing your dreams and having new dreams.” – Rana el Kaliouby Her Story of Success… Rana el Kaliouby, co-founder and CEO of Affectiva, believes technology has enormous potential to improve people’s lives, but she wants to make sure it doesn’t dehumanize us in […]

Her Story of Success in Review: Leadership Lessons

“I have never convinced anybody to join something that wasn’t theirs to begin with…. If there’s something that the world needs done, there are people who will support it.” – Pat Shea  Inspiring Conversations, Revisited Her Story of Success recently went through a rebranding process to help us better reflect where our company is today […]

Creating Inclusive Spaces with TRILUNA Wellness

 “Health and wellness are social justice issues… not everyone has the same level of access.” – Elizabeth Moore Her Story of Success… When Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore first became interested in wellness, they both struggled to feel like they belonged in a space that seemed dominated by thin, white women. Elizabeth was recovering […]

Letting Fear Fuel You with Kathy Thomas

“You don’t have to have it all together to be the best.” – Kathy Thomas Her Story of Success… Kathy Thomas never let lack of experience stop her from taking bold leaps to new career paths. After taking a fashion retail job to supplement her income, Kathy worked her way up through the industry to […]

Her Story of Success In Review: Food & Beverage

With Her Story of Success in Review, we’re revisiting some of our favorite conversations, giving you another chance to be inspired by the amazing women who helped mentor and shape Her Story of Success into the company we are today.