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Revolutionizing Skincare with Kate Kimmerle

“The team that I have allows me to do the thing that I do best, which is be the visionary and problem solve and negotiate.” – Kate Kimmerle Her Story of Success…  Kate Kimmerle is on a mission to make high-quality, effective skin care accessible to everyone, regardless of race, age, skin issue or income. […]

This holiday season, eat the pie

It is well documented that the holidays are a stressful time of year—even when we’re not approaching the apex of a global pandemic. And as a realistic wellness company, we have a lot of thoughts about that.  To be specific we are pro-donut, non-diet, anti-racist community wellness company called TRILUNA. Talking about mental health is […]

Mental Health and the Holidays with Jennifer VanOrman

“We do so much more damage trying not to feel what we feel than if we would just feel it.​” -Jennifer VanOrman Her Story of Success… Jennifer VanOrman recognizes that the holidays can be a difficult time for many women when it comes to mental health and family relationships. As a licensed marriage and family […]

Our Story of Success Part 2

“As much as I want this business to succeed, I also want to lift up the people on my team so that they can find their own success along the way.” – Leah Glover Hayes Our Story of Success Her Story of Success began out of CEO Leah Glover Hayes’ desire to grow in her […]

Philanthropy benefits all, including the giver

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” -Gandhi Last Sunday was National Philanthropy Day. This day that is set aside each year to celebrate the impact philanthropy has in our country is one of my favorites. Officially, philanthropy includes the “giving” of one’s time, money, knowledge, or talent […]

Building Confidence with Toni Purry

“Sometimes you need somebody else to kind of push you along and say, ‘Hey, what about this? Why don’t you try this? This is what I see. Let’s explore that. Let’s unpack that.’” -Toni Purry Her Story of Success… Toni Purry wants to be the hype woman who reminds people to celebrate their wins. She’s […]