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The Power of Passive Mentorship

“Get really specific on what you need and what the next step is for you.”  -Leah Glover Hayes Activating the Four Types of Mentorship When Her Story of Success CEO Leah Glover Hayes was looking for mentorship to help her grow in her career and eventually start a company, she quickly realized that not all […]

Integrating Your Work and Purpose with Sherri Kottmann

“What is your sense of self absent of work? Where do you get your value, your meaning, your identity?” -Sherri Kottmann Her Story of Success… Sherri Kottmann believes that developing a strong sense of self is one of the most important things you can do for your career. She’s the Chief People Officer at Forrester, […]

Sustaining Innovation with Stephanie Cartin

“Everyone has really great ideas, but it all comes down to the execution.”  – Stephanie Cartin Her Story of Success…  Stephanie Cartin has a gift for staying ahead of the curve and executing on great ideas. She’s the co-founder and co-CEO of Socialfly, a social-first digital and influencer agency that’s worked with major brands like […]

Celebrating Success in 2020: Our Year in Review

“This year has been terrifying for all of us, but it’s also been fun to see growth through the struggle.” -Leah Glover Hayes Celebrating Success in 2020 Even though 2020 was an incredibly difficult year, it also provided a unique opportunity for changes in perspective. As we come to the end of 2020, we wanted […]

Bringing balance to 2021

Here we are at the close of 2020.  For many, this may be a good thing as this year has been quite the anomaly. However, I’d like to caution you against wishing any of your days away, even those in a rough patch like 2020. As Annie Dillard once said: “How we spend our days […]

Goal Setting for the New Year

“How you’re spending each day is how you’re spending your life… take the necessary changes to make each day what you want it to be.” -Samantha Lane Kim’s Story of Success… Kim Jones wants to help women find the freedom and confidence to remake their careers on their own terms. She’s a career transformation coach […]