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Believing in Yourself with Bailey Spaulding

Jackalope co-founder Bailey Spaulding shares her story of deciding to pursue her passion and building a successful, woman-owned brewery.

Choose to Challenge

“Everything you need is already on the inside of you.” -Mignon Francois ChallengeHER In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, Her Story of Success was honored to join Collective615 for ChallengeHER, an event celebrating women who are affecting change in Nashville and beyond. As part of the event, Her Story of Success CEO Leah Glover […]

Integrating Your Work and Purpose with Sherri Kottmann

“What is your sense of self absent of work? Where do you get your value, your meaning, your identity?” -Sherri Kottmann Her Story of Success… Sherri Kottmann believes that developing a strong sense of self is one of the most important things you can do for your career. She’s the Chief People Officer at Forrester, […]

5 PRO Tips for Navigating Pandemic Life

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, we were forced to toss our regular routines out the window to adapt….and adapt hard! From sudden schooling at home, summer camps canceled, working from home alongside spouses or partners, all while maintaining careers, running businesses, or reeling from sudden unemployment…. whoa, #allthefeels.

Expanding in the Midst of COVID-19

Erica McMannes of Instant Teams explains how she’s learning to seek work-life harmony instead of balance, and describes the biggest lessons she’s learned while building her company. 

Live Interview with Maggie Tucker

Maggie Tucker opens up about the difficulties she’s faced as a small business owner during COVID-19 and explains how she’s shifted her operations to stay in business.