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Creating a Legacy to Empower Others

Sharon W. Reynolds’ whole life is a testament to the power of hard work and not taking no for an answer. Today, Sharon runs four companies: DevMar Products, DevMar Global Healthcare Solutions, DevMar Manufacturing, and Bryla J Couture Clothiers. In everything she does, Sharon is driven by a passion to help others, whether that’s through her companies, community service or her work to empower other women business owners.

Lawyer turned Moonshiner: Jessi Baker

“Hard work, work ethic, employing people and really giving back to people in that sense is one of the highest callings you can have. We are really honored to be in that position and take it very seriously and every decision we make in our business is intentional.” – Jessi Baker

Purpose, Passion, & Perseverance: Mixtroz

You can start at any time and any age and be what you want to be. I believe our journey has made it easier for somebody because we share our story.

Amplifying Messages that Matter: Two|PR

“There is no amount of money or no amount of vacation days that can make you stay somewhere… It is not even about security it’s more about the challenge. I just felt like I needed a challenge and need to be in situations where I am learning and growing.”

Believing in the power of your own ideas

Mignon Francois’s family was drowning in debt and down to their last $5 when a neighbor knocked on the door and placed an order for 600 cupcakes from her fledgling home bakery in Nashville’s Germantown neighborhood. Mignon decided to take the last few dollars she had and buy ingredients to bake more cupcakes, a decision that ultimately “got us out of debt, out of brokenness and turned us into the number one bakery in Tennessee.”

A CEO in the Role of Servant Leader

“I have this saying — learn from your past, prepare for your future and perform in the present.” – Misty Mayes