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What if you are reaching the wrong goals?

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that writing down your goals makes you more likely to achieve them but — as we dip our toes in the water of 2021 — maybe you’re wondering like I am: What good does it do to achieve our goals if we lose ourselves along the way?  What good would it […]

Bringing balance to 2021

Here we are at the close of 2020.  For many, this may be a good thing as this year has been quite the anomaly. However, I’d like to caution you against wishing any of your days away, even those in a rough patch like 2020. As Annie Dillard once said: “How we spend our days […]

Goal Setting for the New Year

“How you’re spending each day is how you’re spending your life… take the necessary changes to make each day what you want it to be.” -Samantha Lane Kim’s Story of Success… Kim Jones wants to help women find the freedom and confidence to remake their careers on their own terms. She’s a career transformation coach […]

Mental Health and the Holidays with Jennifer VanOrman

“We do so much more damage trying not to feel what we feel than if we would just feel it.​” -Jennifer VanOrman Her Story of Success… Jennifer VanOrman recognizes that the holidays can be a difficult time for many women when it comes to mental health and family relationships. As a licensed marriage and family […]

how to virtually network at a conference

We are all working from the safety of our homes these days and as a result many of our powerful engagements are now happening online. While we are physically distancing, virtually we are not. Online conferences give us access to the best experts, industry leaders, and other potential assets to our network. It is important to still be creative and strategic in building relationships from these virtual event opportunities.

Honoring Juneteenth in 2020

As many White Americans look for new ways to learn about systemic racism and act as an ally for their Black friends and co-workers, Juneteenth represents a unique and important opportunity to understand the legacy of slavery in the U.S. and also celebrate Black culture.