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Unlocking Contentment with Leisse Wilcox

“Our emotions are all these feelings that are constantly giving us feedback as to what still needs to be healed. And when we heal it, we show up differently.” – Leisse Wilcox Her Story of Success… Leisse Wilcox believes the key to greater contentment is found through healing your relationship with yourself. She’s a coach […]

Embracing What’s Next with Lori Allen

“Success like I have now does not happen overnight… I’m so thankful that I started out small and grew slowly.” – Lori Allen Her Story of Success… Lori Allen has built an incredible career as an entrepreneur, TV personality, author and speaker, all because of her ability to say yes to new opportunities that align […]

5 PRO Tips for Navigating Pandemic Life

When the pandemic hit earlier this year, we were forced to toss our regular routines out the window to adapt….and adapt hard! From sudden schooling at home, summer camps canceled, working from home alongside spouses or partners, all while maintaining careers, running businesses, or reeling from sudden unemployment…. whoa, #allthefeels.

Letting Fear Fuel You with Kathy Thomas

“You don’t have to have it all together to be the best.” – Kathy Thomas Her Story of Success… Kathy Thomas never let lack of experience stop her from taking bold leaps to new career paths. After taking a fashion retail job to supplement her income, Kathy worked her way up through the industry to […]

Creating a Work-Life Blend

Leisse Wilcox writes about the importance of creating a work-life blend by establishing routine, setting boundaries and taking time for yourself.

Marketing during COVID-19: How to elevate your business during the pandemic

Parenting under normal circumstances is already plenty of work, but with schools cancelled because of coronavirus, many parents are also scrambling to make sure their kids stay busy and keep up with their learning.