Life Changing Lessons from an Executive Coach

“…on this basis of knowing your self really well, you can start to shift the belief systems that are no longer working for you or put a crown on the ones that are.”

-Christine Owenell

Her Story of Success…

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a coach who would help illuminate your path to success and fulfillment? In this conversation with Leah and Ellen, Executive Coach Christine Owenell offers an inside look at the coaching process. Using issues from the lives of the two co-hosts as examples, she shows how small changes in perspective and routine can lead to big gains in personal happiness and career achievement.

About This Episode…

Founder of Owenell Global Consultancy and a partner at coaching firm Evolution, Christine explains why self awareness is a crucial trait for anyone who wants to work with a coach. Then she breaks down her coaching method and explains how intentional exercises can help us let go of internal issues that are holding us back. Whatever your concern — perfectionism, self-discipline, self-doubt — the key lies in turning a negative approach into a positive one. Christine also shows how incremental changes can lead to rewarding new pathways. Want to start a daily meditation practice, for example? Something as simple as lighting a candle each day might be a good way to start. Making major life changes or landing a big promotion doesn’t have to be your goal. Christine says that “giving yourself the space to enjoy who you already are” can be the most successful strategy of all.