The career rewards of lifelong learning

“You can’t wait until you’re ready for a change to create the opportunity for career change. We all have to be lifelong learners now.”

-Corbette Doyle

Her Story of Success…

Corbette Doyle describes herself as a “serial expert,” one who consistently pursues new information and builds new skills. It was this career approach that brought her leadership roles at Aon, a Chicago-based consulting and risk management firm where she built a health care industry practice from the ground up and served as Chief Diversity Officer. Now a Senior Lecturer in Organizational Leadership at Vanderbilt University, Corbette says it’s vital that women lay the groundwork for career advancement ahead of time by building new competencies.

About This Episode…

Corbette tells us about the importance of corporate culture, why women need to let go of their stereotypes about men and what it was like to start a new job when she was seven months pregnant.