Apps We’re Loving During COVID-19

While COVID-19 has drastically changed the way we all live, work and interact with each other, there are so many great tools to help us get through this difficult time. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite apps that are helping us stay healthy and sane during this pandemic. Whether you’re looking to improve your work from home routine, need new ways to virtually connect with loved ones, or just want to take some time to learn a new skill or focus on your mental and physical well-being, there’s something for you on this list! 

Work from Home (For Individuals)

Clockify: This time-tracking app is great for freelancers or hourly employees who need to track the amount of time they spend working on different projects. And if you’re looking to try out time-blocking as a method for working more efficiently, this app will work with your Google Calendar to help you do just that (you can read more about how to time block with Clockify here).

Fantastical: With so many different calendar apps, to-do lists, emails and more, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. That’s where Fantastical comes in. More than a typical calendar app, Fantastical brings all of your information together in one place, including all of your calendars and reminders lists across all your devices. It even tracks the weather and makes it easier than ever to coordinate meetings and other events across time zones. 

DocuSign: If you need a way to securely sign contracts and other important documents without the hassle of printing them out at home and scanning the signed copy, this app will make life so much easier. Not only will you be able to digitally sign documents, you can also email them to multiple clients or coworkers and collect their signatures all on the same file.

Work from Home (For Teams)

Marco Polo: With Marco Polo, you can create chats with two or more team members and send video messages. Not only does it allow you to communicate instantly without having to play phone tag, deal with email miscommunications, or schedule a meeting, but it’s also a fun way to keep up office camaraderie and feel like your team is all in the same place, even while working from home. Productivity Consultant and GSD Creative Founder Angela Proffitt recommends using Marco Polo to help replace the water cooler conversations that would normally happen in the office.*

Asana: Asana’s project management software makes remote work so much easier, giving you the ability to create projects, assign tasks and deadlines, upload files in one easy-to-find location, and more. It’s also a great way to cut down on the overwhelming number of emails so many of us are sending and receiving while working from home. 

LastPass: Internet security is more important than ever when employees are working from home, and LastPass can help protect your team’s information. The app allows you to store all of your passwords in one place, and it makes it easy to control who can access which passwords and accounts. 

*To learn more about staying productive and communicating with teams while working remotely, watch our webinar with Angela Proffitt and Anna-Vija McClain on Leading Virtually.

Learning and Development

Food Network Kitchen: As we’re eating out less and spending more time at home, now could be a great time to pick up some new cooking skills. The Food Network app gives you free access to thousands of recipes, and subscribers can also watch live cooking classes, stream Food Network Shows, and participate in Q+As with some of the network’s top chefs. 

Astound: Whether you’re nervous about having to lead webinars and virtual meetings or you just want to take some time to improve your communication skills, Astound is a great tool for you! This public speaking app is full of resources to help you improve your public speaking, including specific warmups to help you prep for phone calls, meetings and more, or even to target specific concerns like anxiety, mumbling or lisping. It also allows you to record and rate yourself so that you can track your growth over time.

Seneca Women: The news can be so overwhelming right now, but it’s still important to stay informed. Seneca Women is a global leadership platform focused on advancing women and girls, and the organization’s app is full of amazing resources for staying informed. From news stories that highlight women’s issues to spotlights that feature women who are changing the world, the app’s collection of podcasts, leadership lessons, news articles and inspirational content has everything you need to stay inspired. The app even has a shopping platform where you can support women owned businesses.

OVERALL Well-Being

Headspace: There are a lot of great meditation apps to help you practice mindfulness, but Headspace is one of the most popular. Even better, the company is offering a free collection of calming meditations, sleep support and at-home workouts specifically designed for these stressful times. Whether you’re a long-time meditation enthusiast or just want to try something new to calm your anxieties about this pandemic, Headspace has something for everyone.

Day One: As scary and confusing as this season of life can be, it’s important to take time to check in with ourselves and our emotions. Journaling is a great tool for mindfulness, and this multimedia journal app makes it easy to record your thoughts. You can answer daily prompts or just write down how you’re feeling, and unlike a physical journal, you can add photos, drawings and even voice memos. 

MINDBODY: There are plenty of workout apps to help you start a new fitness program from home, but if you’re looking for a way to support your local fitness studios during this time, MINDBODY can help. The app offers a schedule of all the virtual classes being offered by studios in your area, allows you to sign up for free or individually-priced virtual classes and stay up to date on the latest offerings from your favorite studios and gyms. We’ve especially been loving the Shakti Power Yoga Virtual Zoom classes! 

Staying Connected

Netflix Party: Though it’s not technically an app, this Google Chrome extension is a great way to stay connected with loved ones. It allows you to sync up your Netflix watching and adds a virtual chat feature so that you can watch movies and shows with friends, even if you’re not in the same place. 

House Party: House Party is a fun, easy way to connect with friends and family who you can’t see in person right now. Rather than having to schedule a call, the video chat app will notify you any time your friends log on, so you can join and say hi. The app even includes free games like Heads Up and Quick Draw, perfect for an impromptu, virtual game night. 

Likewise: If you’re running out of shows to binge or books to read, Likewise has you covered. Likewise gives you tailor-made recommendations for books, TV shows, podcasts and more based on your list of favorites. Plus you can follow friends to stay connected and see what they’re loving right now. 

The Her Story of Success team is always looking for new ideas and tools to try. If you’ve been loving an app that’s not on this list, tag us in a comment or story on Instagram letting us know what we need to try next!