Creating Inclusive Spaces with TRILUNA Wellness

 “Health and wellness are social justice issues… not everyone has the same level of access.”

– Elizabeth Moore

Her Story of Success…

When Ashley Brooke James and Elizabeth Moore first became interested in wellness, they both struggled to feel like they belonged in a space that seemed dominated by thin, white women. Elizabeth was recovering from an eating disorder and felt triggered by the lack of representation for different body types. Meanwhile, Ashley was noticing that she was often the only Black woman in her yoga classes. The duo met during a yoga teacher training and decided to combine their interests in movement, cooking and health coaching to form an experiential wellness company, TRILUNA Wellness. TRILUNA is all about building healthier, more inclusive communities, and they partner with corporations to host events, retreats, training and more. 

In the past few years, Elizabeth and Ashley have also gained recognition as leaders in their local Nashville community. They frequently host events, speak at conferences and lead workshops on topics ranging from diversity and inclusion to meditation for stress management. Both women came from high-level corporate backgrounds, so they understand the challenges of employee wellness, and they work directly with their clients to build customized curricula that help groups and individuals improve their overall well-being.

In This Episode:

Elizabeth and Ashley explain why they left high-level corporate jobs to start a wellness company, and they offer an inside look into the work they’re doing to help companies and individuals improve their health. They also discuss the importance of having difficult conversations about race and explain how they’re bringing diversity and social justice to the wellness community. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Ashley and Elizabeth’s journey of recognizing the need for more diversity in the wellness industry and leaving their corporate jobs to help create it
  • The importance of practicing wellness in a community setting
  • How COVID-19 has impacted people’s mental and emotional health 
  • Why having a difficult conversation about race transformed Ashley and Elizabeth’s relationship
  • Finding sources of inspiration during difficult times

Episode Transcript

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