Diana Warner: The Taylor Swift Effect

“I need people around me to love and support me no matter what, in order to be the best version of myself.”

-Diana Warner

Her Story of Success…

Fashion and jewelry designer Diana Warner learned something special about success from observing Taylor Swift, who surrounds herself with fiercely loyal and protective people. Diana calls it the “Taylor Swift effect” — the desire to build a network of supporters who protect you so you can give back to the world. “I wasn’t really aware of how to say no,” she tells us, and unless you learn how to say no, “you don’t have anything left to give.”

About This Episode…

Diana shares the story behind the 2005 launch of her successful fashion and jewelry brand Diana Warner Studio – a favorite of red carpet celebrities and TV shows like “Gossip Girl.” She tells us why you have to be vulnerable to be creative, what our clothes communicate to the world about who we are and why she strives to make customers feel comfortable in her stores.