Joy Altimare is a successful brand strategist who worked with companies like L’Oreal, Verizon, Colgate-PalmOlive and Conde Nast. Her took her skills to EHE Health where she became the Chief Engagement and Brand Officer.

As the only woman and the only person of color on her company’s executive team, she knows how hard it can be to deal with discrimination in the workplace, but she hasn’t let that stop her. She’s built her life and career on her own terms. As a working mom in NYC, Joy understands the importance of surrounding herself with a tribe of amazing women and has learned that the choices she makes for her family might look different than how she was raised. Joy is passionate about mentorship and connecting kids with great opportunities, and she’s such a great example of strength and resilience.

chief engagement + brand officer

joy altimare

Joy explains how mentorship shaped her career and gave her a passion for mentoring others (3:39). 

She opens up about dealing with racism and sexism in the workplace and encourages listeners to choose happiness even when people treat you poorly (10:32).

Joy also shares her example of dealing with an issue that so many women face: equal pay (17:07). 

She describes her inspiring story of changing her career path in college after she fell in love with advertising and offers insight into the way her parents taught her the value of work at a young age (24:24).

As a top executive working in New York City while also raising a young daughter, Joy has learned to find work life integration instead of work life balance (35:28). 

She shares about learning to do things differently from the way her mom raised her (36:02), 

and she describes how she’s learned to set boundaries with her company so she can live a full life (37:42). 

Joy also talks about the value of having multiple tribes of women, including a group that reminds her of who she was before she became a mom (41:20). 

For Joy, success is about choosing to be happy and proving to her daughter that you can be kind and still be a boss (45:03), and her example is such an inspiration for other smart, ambitious women. 

her story of success

"You have to decide every day to wake up and be happy... I choose happiness every single day. I can’t control what other people are doing or try to do to me.” 

— joy altimare

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