Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Angela Proffitt

“This is a hard time for everyone right now. It sucks, but if you can be positive, it can make you stronger.”

-Angela Proffitt

Her Story of Success…

Angela Proffitt is an entrepreneur, wedding and events expert, productivity consultant, speaker, writer and coach. She’s the founder of productivity company GSD Creative and cofounder of Collective615, the first coworking space for women in Nashville. Angela has published eight books, created many online classes and live events, and hosts the Business Unveiled podcast. 

Angela is not new to disasters putting a halt on business. During the 2010 Nashville flood she learned the importance of having important documents backed up online and a team that could work virtually. This experience helped her create a new business teaching other companies how to do the same. 

Today a majority of Angela’s revenue comes from live events so she had to learn to pivot her business again and find a way to keep earning revenue.

In This Episode:

Angela shares her story of creating multiple businesses that help companies stay productive and reach their goals, and she explains how she created programs to make live events virtual and help companies take their businesses online to keep earning revenue in the midst of COVID-19.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Angela’s story of creating GSD Creative after the Nashville flood
  • Developing a virtual solution for clients
  • Moving Collective615 online during COVID-19

Tools and Resources Angela and Leah Mentioned: 

Episode Transcript

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