Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Christine Owenell

“The real leadership opportunity right now is for executives to be as present as possible to what is happening now, get centered in themselves, understand what their value system is and make decisions about the next right step.”

-Christine Owenell

Her Story of Success…

Christine Owenell is an executive coach, consultant and speaker who’s passionate about helping leaders cultivate presence, compassion and self-awareness. She’s the founder of Owenell Global Consultancy, where she works with CEOs, high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and people in transition to help companies scale without losing their souls. She’s also a partner at Evolution Service Corp, a coaching organization that specializes in working with high growth startups and companies. Christine has advised and coached leaders at high-profile organizations including Slack, Vanderbilt, LinkedIn, Northwestern Mutual and more.

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, Christine is helping executives to navigate all of the unknowns by reminding them that it’s OK to not have answers and giving them space to be vulnerable and talk about their fears and questions. She’s also launched her first group coaching program, where she’s working with high level leaders to help them transform the chaos of COVID-19 into new opportunities. 

In This Episode:

Christine shares how she’s navigating the challenges of parenting while working full-time from home and continuing to be a resource for her clients. She also encourages leaders to deal with this crisis one step at a time, instead of spending too much time planning for things that are completely unknown. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Adjusting to working from home while parenting
  • Creating space for executives to be vulnerable
  • Giving your family grace in this time
  • Taking it day by day instead of trying to plan in the midst of so much uncertainty.

You can listen to Christine’s episode where she breaks down the executive coaching process here. 

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