Investing in Yourself to Impact Others

“It is a privilege to do work that matters… and with that privilege comes the pressure of doing a great job.”

-Ginger Jones

Her Story of Success…

 Ginger Jones developed her passion for helping others at a young age. Growing up with two deaf parents, she saw firsthand how valuable speech pathology and other therapy services could be for individuals with special needs. After working as a speech pathologist, Ginger decided to further her impact by starting her own company, Jones Therapy Services. Today, that company includes nine locations that offer a wide range of pediatric therapy services. 

As founder and CEO of Jones Therapy, Ginger gets to help change lives every day, but she hasn’t stopped there. She also runs her own consulting service, speaks about her experiences and writes about parenting, business and therapy on her blog. Ginger has been recognized for her work with honors like Nashville’s “40 under 40” and Enterprising Women’s 2018 Woman of the Year Champion. Most recently, she was named a Woman of Influence in Nashville by the Nashville Business Journal. Through all of her experiences, Ginger has learned the importance of investing in yourself, whether that’s through coaching, self-care or finding meaningful work at a company you love.

In This Episode: Ginger explains how her desire to change the world more quickly inspired her to start her own clinic (4:40), and she shares the challenges of building a company in the midst of an unexpected pregnancy (7:04). The stressful nature of Ginger’s job made it clear to her that she needed to start investing in herself, and through that she learned to shift her mindset, reframing fear and anxiety by focusing on the exciting opportunities in front of her (11:11). Ginger also breaks down the difference between mentors and coaches and describes the impact her coaches have had on her career and personal life (16:11). 

Ginger’s commitment to personal development has helped her become an incredible leader at Jones Therapy Services and beyond, and she gives listeners advice about learning to delegate, trusting your team and not taking things so personally in a business environment (21:41). She also addresses the very real issue of burnout (31:56) and emphasizes the importance of loving both the work you do and the environment you do it in (35:41). 

Ginger views success as the ability to do the work she believes she was meant to do, and she’s passionate about doing that in a way that sets an example for her two young sons (48:29). A living example of what you can accomplish when you take the time to ask for help and focus on your own growth, Ginger provides so much practical advice and inspiration in this episode.