Moving from Stuck to Courage

“Once you actually allow yourself to be who you are and pursue what you want, the money comes.”

– Hayley Dickson

Her Story of Success…

Hayley Dickson has always been driven to find “success” in her career. After a decade in the entertainment business, rising from executive assistant to a SVP at Fremantle Media, the largest media production and distribution company in Europe, she realized she wasn’t fulfilled. 

While exiting the entertainment arena, a conversation with her financial advisor led to an offer from his company, Northwestern Mutual. In her first year, Hayley was No. 1 in the Western Region among advisors with fewer than five years at the company, and in 2019 she was named one of the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Most Influential Wealth Managers. 

During that time she also worked tirelessly with the corporate office to launch a family planning policy that allows more flexibility and better benefits for financial advisor moms. That policy she helped create, is now used nationwide.  And it has changed the face of family planning for parents at Northwestern Mutual

Hayley primarily works with women, LGBTQ+ and diverse communities. She’s passionate about empowering these typically underserved groups to achieve greater financial success and find a place in an industry that’s traditionally been focused on a small, elite group of men. 

Hayley joins Leah on Her Story of Success to share about her inspiring journey from feeling stuck, to making a courageous decision, to finding fulfillment. She also encourages women to stop undervaluing themselves and be confident in the worth they have to their company.

In This Episode:

Hayley opens up about the courage it took to leave the entertainment industry in search of a new career, and she shares some of the key factors that have helped her to be successful, like resilient confidence and a determination to prioritize her own intuition.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • The biggest challenges to self-confidence and how to overcome them (6:10)
  • Hayley’s inspiring journey from stuck to courage (13:18)
  • How to trust your intuition, even when the people around you are encouraging you to do something different (18:11)
  • Taking a risk, but making sure it’s a calculated one (23:10)
  • How Hayley created widespread change for other women and found supportive men to back her and empower her (25:47)
  • Finding the impact you want to make instead of focusing on external validation (31:08)
  • A rapidfire mentorship session, including how to connect with mentors, the most influential books and the best investments Hayley has made into herself (35:50)
  • Finding success in prioritizing the right things at the right time (41:39)

The Books Hayley and Leah Mentioned Are:

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