Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19

“It really helped with building my mental capacity to expect change and expect the waves in life. There are ups and downs and you have to stick with it. – on wakeboarding ”

-Jacqueline Au

Her Story of Success…

In this new series from Her Story of Success, we’re highlighting the stories of women who are controlling the narrative around their businesses during COVID-19. Jacqueline Au is the founder and creative director of The LOFT Bridal, a Hong Kong-based boutique where brides can experience a personalized, intentional shopping experience. 

In this episode…

Jaqueline shares how coronavirus drastically impacted her business and how wakeboarding has helped her learn to ride the wave known as COVID-19. They have gotten creative to find a new way to do virtual appointments and have implemented new health and safety policies so she can continue serving brides while also protecting her employees.

Episode Transcript

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