Selling Your Brand’s Honest Story

The only difference between two incredible products when one succeeds and one doesn’t is the marketing strategy… When you’re building something from the beginning, if you understand the fundamentals of marketing while you’re building it, it’s just going to help your life.”

-Krista Ripma

Her Story of Success… 

Krista Ripma is the President and Co-Founder of Authentic Audience, a digital marketing agency that helps brands tell their honest stories. Krista fell in love with marketing through a unique combination of experiences — learning storytelling in Hollywood before ultimately leaving because of the toxic work environment and then learning how to market a business in the yoga and wellness industry. She then started Authentic Audience with her husband and has grown it into a thriving company that offers brand strategy, content creation, email marketing, social media and more, all with the goal of helping brands “sell the truth.” Krista has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur, hosts The Authentic Audience Podcast and recently developed an online course in Marketing Fundamentals to further share everything she has learned. 

Since Krista built much of her business as a solopreneur, she’s learned firsthand about the importance of setting boundaries around work — even when you love what you do — and finding ways to have a positive mindset and a full life outside of your career. She joins Leah on Her Story of Success to tell the inspiring story of how she got to where she is today, and they talk about some of the most important things people should think about when they want to start prioritizing marketing and brand storytelling for their businesses. 

In This Episode:

Krista shares how she’s helping companies to tell their honest stories and make money in the process with Authentic Audience, and she offers advice for leaders and business owners looking to be more intentional about building their brands. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Starting out in Hollywood and deciding to leave
  • Working with yoga brands and learning to do business with heart 
  • Having a strong product, separating yourself from your brand and other tips for telling your business’ story
  • Learning to embrace the slow burn over high growth and extreme stress

Episode Transcript

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