“I am operating every day with the great hope that we are going to be able to continue on… If it looks like curbside, fine. If I get to have one person in my store at a time, fine. I’m going to be grateful.”

-Maggie Tucker

Her Story of Success…

Maggie Tucker is the owner and founder of the Nashville-based retail stores magpies baby and magpies girl. The magpies stores provide clothing, gifts and more for young girls and their families in a uniquely joyful and fun environment. Maggie has been featured in Southern Living, Cottage Living and Gift Shop Magazine, and she won HGTV’s award for top retail merchandising and design. Maggie is also passionate about serving the Nashville community, both by partnering with entrepreneurs and creatives and by giving back to organizations like Preston Taylor Ministries and the Dream Center.

When Maggie realized her store would have to close because of COVID-19, she and her team shifted the entire business online, providing curbside pickup and shipping orders to families across the country. She’s also had to stay flexible with her plans around ordering new products, marketing her business and still providing an incredible experience even when people can’t come into the physical store. In the process, she’s witnessed the power of people’s support for small businesses, and she offers words of encouragement to other women who find themselves struggling during these difficult times. 

In This Episode:

Maggie opens up about the difficulties she’s faced as a small business owner during COVID-19 and explains how she’s shifted her operations to stay in business. She also encourages women to support and empower each other and talks about the importance of learning to accept help from others when they offer it.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Transitioning to stay in business during COVID-19
  • Staying true to the heart of magpies even when selling online
  • The importance of supporting other women business owners 
  • Learning to accept help from others

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Episode Transcript

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