Empowering the Entrepreneur in Everyone

“I wanted to write a book that acknowledged that success in business can happen to anybody and that there are a lot of different kinds of heroes.”

-Maria Aspan

Her Story of Success…

As an award-winning business journalist and editor-at-large at Inc Magazine, Maria Aspan strives to ensure that the pieces that she writes are both practical and enjoyable. She’s written about startups, technology, finance, and gender in her roles at the New York Times and American Banker, and in her book Startup Money Made Easyshe creates an inclusive entrepreneur guide to show how success can happen to anyone.

In this episode…

We dive into the key take aways from the book that make this a great guide for entrepreneurs in all seasons of their business from idea to exit.

Maria also shares the importance to find joy in the job you’re in right now, and how she looks for a place that will challenge her out of her comfort zone, where she can engage in work that’s meaningful to her, and where she can work with people she trusts.