Marketing Strategy for the Next Phase

“What’s your core? What are you absolutely good at, no matter what happens? And how can you deliver that service? It’s really important to have a handle on.”

-Nekasha Pratt

Her Story of Success…

Nekasha Pratt is an award-winning marketer, speaker and thought leader. She works as the Director of Marketing for Tennessee Tourism and is the Chief Strategy and Brand Officer for her own firm, Bright Advisory Group. With almost 20 years of marketing experience, Nekasha has worked in a wide array of roles and industries, servicing both small and large clients. Today she specializes in digital marketing, branding and multicultural marketing. Nekasha has been honored with many national and local awards, including 3 international Cannes Lions Awards, Nashville’s 2019 Women of Influence Award, a BizWomen Economic Develop Headliner, and more. She also serves her community on boards like Women Can Be Angels, the U.S. Civil Rights Trail, and Together Digital, and she’s an advisor for the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and a Business Mentor for Pathway Women’s Business Center. 

In the midst of COVID-19, Nekasha believes marketing is more important than ever, and she’s helping clients to shift their messaging to building awareness and relationships, rather than hard selling in a time of so much uncertainty. While she advocates for the importance of a strong marketing strategy, she also encourages business owners to plan in a way that allows future flexibility, especially when looking ahead to the upcoming phases of COVID-19 recovery.

In This Episode…

Nekasha offers practical advice for marketing effectively during COVID-19 by shifting the focus from hard selling to relationship building. She also breaks down some of the basics of how to develop a strong but flexible marketing strategy and explains how you can know that it’s time to outsource some of your marketing efforts.

Here are Some of the Highlights:

  • Why marketing matters during uncertain times
  • Developing a strong core message and communicating your value
  • Adapting your strategy to focus on relationship building
  • Planning for recovery
  • How to build a marketing strategy and how to know when it’s time to outsource

Episode Transcript

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