Controlling the Narrative of COVID-19 with Nina Stanley

“People are scared… and if we don’t address that and help shepherd them through it, then we’re not being very good leaders.”

-Nina Stanley

Her Story of Success… 

Nina Stanley is the Chief Creative and Neuromarketing Officer at MOD, a human experience agency. She helps brands bridge their physical and virtual expressions with an innovative approach that uses applied neuroscience principles. MOD has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients, including Comcast, CVS and Whole Foods. Nina is also an advocate for women’s heart health issues and the American Heart Association, and she works alongside the Quell Foundation to eliminate societal stigmas around mental health. 

MOD started in 2004 and had to survive the Great Recession, so Nina has experience with leading her team through crises. However, COVID-19 has presented new challenges for MOD, as they’ve had to adapt to completely remote work for the first time. Nina and her team have risen to the challenge by maximizing the effectiveness of digital communication and producing helpful and engaging content for both the MOD team and their clients. 

In This Episode:

Nina explains how her team has been proactive about engaging with clients and tackling the new challenges of virtual work during COVID-19. She also shares encouragement for other women who are struggling right now, whether it’s because of business stresses or the challenge of parenting during this time. 

Here are some of the highlights:

  • How MOD is taking its in-person culture online during COVID-19
  • Leading a team through a frightening time
  • Getting creative with your kids’ schedules
  • Developing inspiring content for clients and employees
  • Nina’s schedule for her kids

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