Leading from the Heart with Sarah Giblin

“I know what it’s like to wake up every day and know that what I’m doing is purposeful… I can’t imagine waking up every day and not feeling that way.”

-Sarah Giblin

Her Story of Success…

Sarah Giblin has seen firsthand the power of a great education, and she’s passionate about helping a diverse community of students have access to a great education. As the Managing Director of Schools at Valor Collegiate Academy, Sarah and her team are proving each day that any student can be successful no matter their ethnicity, socio-economic status, or background. 

Today, Sarah oversees three of Valor’s five public charter schools, where she’s helped students achieve incredible academic results. Her school was one of only 15 in all of Tennessee to rank in the top 5% in both academic growth and academic achievement. Valor also focuses on developing students and teachers holistically, growing in mind, body and spirit. In 2018, Sarah was honored for all of her amazing work as the Tennessee Charter School Center’s Administrator of the Year. She’s a passionate educator, driven achiever, and her story is a great example of what can happen when you find your life’s purpose and pursue it everyday. 

In This Episode:
In this episode, Sarah shares the sacrifices her dad made to afford her amazing education and that it is what fuels her passion to empower other children with the same gift (16:43). She is proud of the stereotypes the Valor community is debunking every single day (20:48), and though she’s primarily focused on investing in her students, Sarah describes how working at Valor has helped her grow and learn to lead from the heart (26:32). 

Sarah believes the most important thing is for people to find their noble purpose and to live it out (40:09). She and Leah discuss the importance of creating a safe space for people to show up and learn, whether it’s in the classroom or in the workplace (43:00). Sarah also opens up about her journey of realizing success is about more than just achieving great results, it’s also about helping others grow and feel confident along the way (49:04).