Providing Accessible Birth Control Delivered

“Pandia Health is here to make women’s lives better. We will absolutely make money for our investors, but we will not do it by pushing second rate medication, second-rate care.”

-Dr. Sophia Yen

Her Story of Success… 

Dr. Sophia Yen is the co-founder and CEO of Pandia Health, the world’s only doctor led, women founded, and woman led birth control delivery company. With more than 20 years of experience in medicine, Dr. Sophia is board-certified in Adolescent Medicine, with a Doctorate of Medicine from UCSF Medical School and a Master’s of Public Health from UC Berkeley in Maternal Child Health. She started Pandia Health out of a desire to make women’s lives easier by reducing “pill anxiety,” the stress that comes with having to refill birth control every month. As a respected thought leader and educator, Dr. Sophia is also passionate about educating women about topics like #PeriodsOptional, sexually-transmitted infections, acne, and other adolescent health issues. She has spoken at SXSW, TedxSilicon Valley Women, TedxBerkley, and at universities around the U.S., along with teaching as a Clinical Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Stanford Medical School. 

Even though Dr. Sophia is incredibly qualified to run Pandia Health, she has often struggled to get the same level of funding as her male counterparts, and she’s had to navigate the difficult regulations around practicing medicine in different states. She joins Leah on Her Story of Success for an honest conversation about the struggles so many female founders face, especially when pitching female-focused products and services to male venture capitalists. Dr. Sophia also explains how you can partner with Pandia Health to help bring affordable, stress-free birth control to women across the U.S., especially those who may struggle to afford it on their own. 

In This Episode:

Dr. Sophia shares insight into the ways pill anxiety and periods can negatively affect women and describes how Pandia Health is actively working to solve those issues. She also opens up about her experience of being the only female founder and CEO of a birth control delivery company, and she and Leah discuss the importance of pushing through frustration that can arise when you have a big vision but change is happening slowly.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • How Pandia Health is getting rid of pill anxiety for women 
  • The health benefits of #PeriodsOptional and getting affordable birth control through Pandia Health
  • The unique challenges of running a FemTech company and trying to get funding
  • Pushing through the frustration of slow-moving change and continuing to stay passionate about your goals

Episode Transcript

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