“As women, we’ve got to work to help ourselves. We need to do our own development.”

— Terry Humphrey

Her Story of Success…

Terry Humphrey, CPC is an executive coach that helps people develop the skills and mindset they need to adapt and compete in today’s constantly changing business world. 

Terry’s story is great for anyone focused on leadership or personal development. She is passionate about helping people find deeper satisfaction and personal fulfillment. For Terry, that includes taking time to rest and enjoy life while still achieving great results in the workplace. She’s full of so much wisdom and practical advice, which allows her to help leaders find new levels of success, whether they’re stepping into a position, dealing with organizational change or just looking to get better results.

In This Episode: In this episode, Terry describes some of the most important lessons she took from her time as a manager, such as 

  • the value of finding mentors, learning to slow down and engage with people, and making smart hiring decisions (6:15). 
  • After her mother’s passing and a period of feeling exhausted, Terry decided to shift her career in a different direction, going back to school while also starting to consult and volunteer at her son’s school (14:28).
  •  In her work as a consultant, Terry learned about the value of being an intrapreneur (22:28), and 
  • she offers advice to anyone who is looking to start something new within their company (24:00).
  • As a coach who has spent years working with other leaders, Terry has seen some common struggles everyone deals with (26:19), 
  • and she talks about the importance of self-awareness and how to practice asking for feedback (27:32). 
  • Terry also describes some of the common struggles she’s seen among women leaders, and she encourages listeners to continue working on their own development and not give up on dreams of becoming an executive (33:53). 
  • As the nature of work continues to evolve, Terry gives advice about how to find the right work environment for you (39:51). 
  • She also stresses the importance of rest and taking care of yourself so that you can be a more effective leader or employee (49:00). 

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