Amplifying Messages that Matter: Two|PR

“There is no amount of money or no amount of vacation days that can make you stay somewhere… It is not even about security it’s more about the challenge. I just felt like I needed a challenge and need to be in situations where I am learning and growing.”

— Morgan Canclini-Mitchell

Her Story of Success…

 When looking for a new challenge Morgan Canclini-Mitchell took a leap of faith at 28 and started Two|PR, a publicity and marketing firm that has worked with best-selling authors, professional athletes and Grammy award-winning artists. After working on a mutual client with marketing consultant Kristin Carver-Smith, Morgan asked Kristin to come on as Two|PRr’s marketing principal. 

Since then, the company has seen enormous success, building an impressive roster and earning bookings with CNN, Fox & Friends, Forbes, PBS and more. With Morgan and Kristin’s combined marketing and publicity experience, they’ve been able to develop great relationships with reporters and clients alike, and they do it all without even having to advertise other than by word of mouth.

In this episode…

Morgan shares her story of building a company at such a young age (2:48), including how she decided to bring Kristin in because of her complementary strengths (8:13). The pair describes the difference between public relations and marketing (13:25) and offers advice for how to know that it’s time to hire a PR firm (22:14). 

Since they first started out in the industry, Morgan and Kristin have both learned a lot about how to prioritize their spouses and take time away from work, even when it feels like they always have to be available to clients (38:09). They talk about practical tips for doing this, like choosing clients who share their values and only checking their emails at certain times on vacation. All of this stems from their evolving definitions of success, which are now less about working with the most famous people and more about having freedom to work in the way they want with people they believe in (54:56).