Equipping Women Survivors with Alexis Isham

“Meeting in whatever context you can with people who are really different than you, oftentimes challenges your viewpoint and will help you be more creative.”

– Alexis Isham

Her Story of Success…

While taking time off from college to receive treatment for Lyme disease, Alexis Isham was also forming deep friendships with people experiencing homelessness in Nashville and looking for new ways to help them. Alexis and her co-founder turned that passion into Resera (formerly known as Unlocked), an ethical jewelry brand that employs women survivors overcoming homelessness, domestic violence, incarceration and forced relocation. Beyond just offering them jobs as makers, Resera also helps women access housing, therapy, career counseling and other services that will help them build successful futures.

Before starting Resera, Alexis attended Vanderbilt University, where she received a bachelor’s in human and organizational development and a minor in economics. She also spent a gap year after high school working at five different non-profit internships in five different countries, learning more about poverty through the eyes of those experiencing it. Alexis is focused on using her leadership to increase opportunity and elevate the voices of marginalized women, creating pathways for sustainable change. 

In This Episode:

Alexis shares the incredible story behind Resera’s creation, from a difficult diagnosis, to a conversation with a friend-turned-cofounder, to the company’s unexpected first investor. She also offers advice to other young entrepreneurs and talks about some of the inspiring transformations she’s seen in the lives of her employees.

Episode Highlights:

  • Alexis’ inspiration for Resera and the story of how it was started (4:26)
  • Building a jewelry company from the ground up (11:58)
  • Partnering with local non-profits (19:09)
  • The importance of mentorship and other advice for new entrepreneurs (31:17) 

Episode Transcript

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