Evolving Your Business with Gabby Male

“As I grew and as I changed in my personal journey… my business had to shift too.”

-Gabby Male

Her Story of Success…

Since starting her business in college, Gabby Male has transformed her interest in fitness into a passion for helping women to ditch dieting and feel empowered in their bodies. She’s a content creator, certified personal trainer and entrepreneur who’s built a large social media following and multiple successful businesses. In addition to her social media, Gabby is the creator of SWITCHIITUP — a monthly exercise platform based on building confidence— co-founder of The Rose Retreats — a series of events that help women find self-love and empowerment — and founder of relic96 — an upcycled apparel shop.

Gabby is a firm believer in the idea that health involves so much more than just fitness and nutrition, and she’s using her platform to help women find greater mental, emotional, social, financial and sexual health. She joined Her Story of Success for our first live podcast of 2021 to share her inspiring story. 

In This Episode:

Gabby explains how she inadvertently started her fitness business in college and then made the courageous decision to shift her focus toward a more holistic form of wellness when her values started to change. She also shares some of her best advice for overcoming imposter syndrome, building community within your industry, and setting boundaries around what parts of your life you share on social media.

Episode Highlights:

  • Gabby’s story of turning a college hobby into a business
  • Working through imposter syndrome
  • Learning to outsource
  • Building community in your industry
  • Getting vulnerable while also setting boundaries
  • Creating a new business during quarantine

Episode Transcript

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