Why joining the Female Founder Collective is important to Her Story of Success

Today Her Story of Success joins a collective of female-owned and operated businesses through the Female Founder Collective (FFC). 

FFC is the brainchild of Rebecca Minkoff and other women business owners that is dedicated to enabling and empowering female-owned and led companies. Supporting businesses owned by women has a positive impact on the world, since women are more likely to reinvest income in their families and communities than men, and the impact is sizable.

More than 11.6 million firms are owned by women, which translates to 9 million jobs and $1.7 trillion in sales.

“As we support one another we support and uplift all women founders, I am excited to be a part of this amazing group and will do my part to forward this mission,” Her Story of Success co-founder Leah Glover Hayes said. 

Her Story of Success was founded by Leah Glover Hayes in 2017 to empower women to create their own version of success by equipping them with the tools, resources and relationships they need to reach the next step in their career and life.

Her Story of Success applied to join the collective, striving to acquire any certification to make it easier for you to trust us as a source for information, resources and connections to move your business and career aspirations forward. 

As the FFC says, women have the power to change the world- and we believe that whole-heartedly! We believe women are unstoppable and by connecting women with the tools, resources and relationships they need to create their own versions of success for themselves, we are changing the world.

More than 11.6 millions firms are owned by women and women reinvest income into their families and communities at higher rates than men. That means by increasing the wealth and opportunities for women-owned businesses, FFC and its members are supporting a population that can significantly impact communities for the better. 

While we will work to incorporate the FFC logo onto our publications, social media platforms and website, there are ways that you can support the FFC and other female founders as an ally. The FFC provides these resources as ways we can all practice these day to day to support one another: 

  • Seek out female-founded companies, at home and when you travel. 
  • Invest your time and skills with female founders as advisors and mentors. 
  • Shout out female-founded companies on social media to share the love. 
  • Refer female-founded companies to the FFC. 
  • Connect with and support FFC members on Instagram and Facebook.

 To learn more about the Female Founder Collective, visit their website here.