Goal Setting for the New Year

“How you’re spending each day is how you’re spending your life… take the necessary changes to make each day what you want it to be.”

-Samantha Lane

Kim’s Story of Success…

Kim Jones wants to help women find the freedom and confidence to remake their careers on their own terms. She’s a career transformation coach and the founder and CEO of Kim Jones Alliance, which she built out of her own experience of changing careers after experiencing personal tragedy. Before starting her business, Kim held executive level positions for multiple Fortune 250 clients, which gave her the experience she needed to work as a consultant for corporate clients and a coach for high-performing women. Kim is also a speaker and facilitator about topics including women in IT, diversity, inclusion and belonging, and navigating career change.

Samantha’s Story of Success…

Samantha Lane believes that by building more productive habits and time management skills, women can achieve greater success while also experiencing balance in their personal lives. Samantha is the Founder of Origami Day, a company that offers speaking, training, and consulting services, along with a product line centered around the Origami Day planner. Samantha is also a time management coach and keynote speaker, and she built her business out of her experience of struggling with workaholism and needing to take time to recover from an intensive surgery. 

In This Episode: 

Kim shares her story of leaving behind a successful career in corporate America to chart her own path, which led her to her passion for helping other women navigate career transformations. She also explains how overcoming limiting beliefs can help you discover your new trajectory and build the confidence to pursue it. Then in the second part of the episode, Samantha shares some practical tips and resources you can use to chart out your goals and practice better time management. She’ll also explain how goal planning can help you take your goals from an abstract idea into actionable, day-to-day steps. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Kim’s story of deciding to embrace the desire to take her career in another direction
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Creating a plan before you take the leap
  • Samantha’s advice for setting SMART goals based on your vision for the next year
  • How to practice goal planning
  • Building a system based on your unique motivations and personality
  • The importance of setting SMART goals

The Books Leah and Kim Mentioned:

The Resources Leah and Samantha Mentioned:

Episode Transcript

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