Her Story of Success: Season Next

“Thank you for growing with me. Thank you for listening and for sharing this podcast and for making it what it is today.”

– Leah Glover Hayes

I believe in the power of stories. 

In search of my own mentors to help me grow into the best version of myself, in 2017 I set out to meet and learn from incredible women with powerful stories. It was during those conversations that I found myself asking how I could amplify their insights and advice so that other women may also benefit from their wisdom. This became the inspiration for the Her Story of Success podcast.

I wanted to create a platform for influential women trailblazers and business leaders to share their experiences. I wanted these interviews to encourage self-reflection and inspire my listeners to begin believing the power of their own story. At the time, I didn’t know how this platform would evolve, but as I interviewed more incredible women and started hearing feedback from our listeners, I realized Her Story of Success could become something so much bigger. 

Mentorship, Continual Learning, Belonging and Community became foundational pillars of Her Story of Success. 

Her Story of Success has grown into a company that connects driven and passionate women-business owners, leaders and professionals to one another. We have created a network that empowers and supports our members as they work to reach their next level of success; encouraging collaboration over competition. 

Over the past year, Her Story of Success has also expanded into a marketing and thought-leadership consultancy working with companies to create their own networks of professional women. We are forming partnerships with businesses who have similar missions, and are hosting events and networking groups as a way to connect. 

Long term, I have big dreams for Her Story of Success; and someday, hope to grow this brand into a talk show. We have plans to start small – a show on YouTube, but with our sights set to the future of much bigger productions… 🙂  

As you know, last week we debuted a rebranded Her Story of Success. Our new look and feel reflects the mission of Her Story of Success and I believe, represents not only where our company is today, but also where we are going.

And as I watched the outpouring of love and support from you all, I took a moment to reflect: 

I am profoundly appreciative of all the people that helped me along the way. 

I am honored to have played a helping role in the professional development of my team. 

And mostly, I am excited for the future. 

In this moment of gratitude, I would like to encourage you to share this post with someone whom you admire, to whom has helped you along your journey.