Integrating Your Work and Purpose with Sherri Kottmann

“What is your sense of self absent of work? Where do you get your value, your meaning, your identity?”

-Sherri Kottmann

Her Story of Success…

Sherri Kottmann believes that developing a strong sense of self is one of the most important things you can do for your career. She’s the Chief People Officer at Forrester, a research and consulting company that helps organizations grow through customer obsession, where she’s worked for the past ten years. Sherri initially started her career in sales, but upon being promoted to a sales leadership role, she realized her true passion was people. Sherri also served as the Director of HR at EF Educational Tours. 

In her work as Chief People Officer, Sherri’s role extends beyond traditional conceptions of HR to include leadership over the employee experience organization, talent strategy, leadership development, executive coaching, experience design and cultural transformation. She’s excelled at helping her employees all over the world feel safe and supported during the challenges of COVID-19, and she’ll share some strategies other leaders can use to care for their teams.

In This Episode:

Sherri explains how she’s learned to integrate her life’s purpose into the work she does as a chief people officer, and she offers advice to women who are looking to find their purpose or direction. She also offers an insight look at the strategies she’s developed while leading an international company through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode Highlights:

  • Sherri’s story of discovering her passion for human resources
  • How to identify your purpose
  • The importance of “solving with, not for.”
  • Cultivating community during COVID-19
  • Letting go of a need for control

The Books Sherri Mentioned:

Episode Transcript

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