Pushing Past the Obstacles to Success

“I can’t tell you why patients like myself recover and some don’t. Once we crack that code . . . then I can take a big step back and say we did it.”

-Jessica Harthcock

Her Story of Success…

At the age of 17, Jessica Harthcock suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury during a gymnastics training session, leaving her paralyzed from the chest down. Though doctors told her she would never walk again, she learned to walk unassisted after six years of intensive therapy. That same determination led her to launch Utilize Health, a growing business that helps patients find the best treatment for neurological conditions. 

About This Episode…

Jessica tells us what it was like to be thrust into the fragmented world of recovery and rehabilitation, why her family was instrumental in helping her bounce back, how she and her husband Adam combine their roles as spouses and company executives and how she persevered in the long search for angel investors to finance her business.