Take a Career Break & Come Back Confident

“Cut yourself some slack and believe. The moment you believe (in yourself) you perform better.”

-Julia Polk

Her Story of Success…

How do we balance the demands of work and family? It’s a dilemma most career women face, and one that Julia Polk confronted when she had two young daughters at home. Her solution would take her on a non-linear journey to success as an investment banker and healthcare executive. “I’ve come and gone a bunch of times” from the workforce, she says. “I think my children benefited from it — I know I did.” Today Julia is chief financial officer of healthcare startup IQuity and a valued mentor to many healthcare entrepreneurs.

About This Episode…

Julia explains why she was lucky to have female role models early in her career and what she did to stay connected during her extended breaks from the workforce. She also tells us about the value of diversity in leadership teams, the issues women face in raising capital for a business, how to overcome the imposter syndrome, why the first step for any startup is understanding its customers and why she thinks younger generations will have more opportunities for flextime work.