BONUS EPISODE – Achieving Expert Status

“As an entrepreneur, there’s always a grind, the grind just changes.”

-Kathleen Burns Kingsbury

About This Episode…

In this bonus episode hosted by past Her Story of Success guest Rita Mitchell and recorded before a live studio audience at a women and wealth conference in Nashville, Kathleen Burns Kingsbury talks about how she made the journey from clinical psychology to financial empowerment counseling, becoming a published author with nothing more than a copy of “Writing for Dummies”, and the overlap between self-esteem and financial success.

Her Story of Success…

As a wealth psychology expert, Kathleen believes financial success isn’t just about how much money you have in the bank. Just as important are our thoughts and feelings about money that shape our financial decisions. An internationally published author and speaker, Kathleen has devoted her career to empowering women and the financial advisers who serve them by training them to examine their money talk mindset and feel more comfortable talking openly about money. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, PBS News Hour, Money Magazine, TODAY Money, Forbes, and CNBC.