Knowing Your Value with Domonique Townsend

“Other people can inspire you, but the direct influence needs to be you and only you, at your own pace and your own timeline.”

-Domonique Townsend

Her Story of Success…

Domonique Townsend spent years being undervalued by the companies she worked for, and when she decided to take the leap to start her own business, she knew she was ready to reach a higher potential. Domonique is the founder of We Optimize Work, a company that creates strategies and systems to help working moms and mom CEOs. As an operations coach and workflow expert with more than 10 years of engineering experience, Domonique is able to help moms manage their work and raise a family without compromising their sanity or goals. 

Along with her years of industrial engineering experience, Domonique has trained or coached more than 3,100 people, and she’s a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. Domonique also serves on boards for Purpose Preparatory Academy, the WBENC Next Gen Initiative and WomenGetIT, and she’s a Senior Scholar Instructor for #BlackTechFutures.

In This Episode: Domonique shares her inspiring story of feeling undervalued at her job, getting laid off and turning her experience into a business that’s helping working moms optimize their lives and work. She also explains how she’s found mentors to support her throughout her journey and offers practical advice to other working moms. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Supporting working moms through We Optimize Work (2:49) 
  • Building a business as a working mom (7:46)
  • Domonique’s story of turning a layoff into an opportunity for growth (11:24)
  • The importance of clients who align with your own values (22:27)
  • Finding mentors who remind you of your worth (25:45)
  • Advice for working moms who are feeling overwhelmed (43:50)

Episode Transcript

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