Learning to Lead with Lisa Powers Struble

“Find what you’re good at and what you love, and hopefully they’ll end up being the same thing.”

– Lisa Powers Struble

Her Story of Success…

When Lisa Powers Struble first started pursuing a career in fashion, she made up for her lack of industry connections with a willingness to work hard and take on any role. Eventually, she worked her way up to become a vice president at Abercrombie & Fitch and then UnderArmour. While taking a career break to care for her aging parents, Lisa discovered BANDED, a fashion accessory company that gives back by providing meals to children in need for every product sold. Lisa joined the company as executive vice president and then purchased it in 2018, becoming owner and CEO.

An industry expert with more than 25 years of experience, Lisa has been featured in Sourcing Journal, Nashville Fashion Week, Textile Excellence and more. To date, BANDED has donated more than 13 million meals to undernourished children, and they also partner with U.S. based companies that help vulnerable women learn to thrive. 

In This Episode: Lisa shares her inspiring story of building a fashion career from scratch and working her way up to vice president roles at two major companies. She also talks about the lessons she’s learned since becoming a business owner.

Episode Highlights:

  • Lisa’s story of breaking into the fashion industry without many connections (5:00)
  • Building a tribe as a young working mom (9:04)
  • How to know when it’s time for a new season (15:30)
  • Transitioning from corporate executive to small business owner (23:13)
  • Pivoting during COVID-19 (39:32)
  • Entrepreneurship lessons Lisa has learned in her time at BANDED (46:29)

Episode Transcript

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