Championing Fearlessness & Vulnerability

“Everyone has their own skillset, they just need someone to take out the highlighter pen.”

-Leslie DiPiero

Her Story of Success…

Leslie DiPiero’s job is to find and develop talented songwriters through her role as General Manager at Tree Vibez Music, and even after being in the same industry for the past 25 years, she still wakes up excited to go to work each day. She grew up in the entertainment world as the daughter of a singer and a comedian, but she decided to start her own business at age 14 after her mom was diagnosed with cancer.

In this episode…

Leslie finds lots of meaning in being able to give back to an industry that has given so much to her, and she enjoys creating a safe space for her songwriters to thrive. The main qualities she looks for in people are a willingness to live in both fearlessness and vulnerability, and she lives both of these out in her own life. She believes that everyone has their own unique skillset, sometimes they just need someone to take out the highlighter pen and help them see it.