Letting Go of Your Doubts to Achieve Your Dreams

“Let go of this idea that you’re not going to be able to make it happen. What is holding you back? What are you waiting for?”

-Maggie Tucker

Her Story of Success…

Five years ago, Maggie Tucker was working part-time at Lululemon. Today, she’s the owner of magpies nashville, whose three popular children’s stores offer a “joyful and welcoming” environment to their clientele. In a heartfelt and emotional conversation, she reveals how she overcame roadblocks to start her dream business and why she practices gratitude every day.

About This Episode…

Maggie gets real about the obstacles she’s faced in starting and running a business — from the negative voices in her head to the strains that her long hours put on her marriage. She shares the steps she’s taken to put less pressure on herself and explains how she’s used her company’s success to give back to her community in amazing ways. “It’s been a huge challenge juggling it all and I don’t by any means do it perfectly, but that’s what grace is for,” she tells us.