Lessons on Career & Family from a Celebrity Chef

“I am a strong believer that your actions are like boomerangs — what you send out in the world comes back to you.”

-Maneet Chauhan

Her Story of Success…

Maneet Chauhan left her native India to attend the Culinary Institute of America and has gone on to become a culinary ambassador for Indian food in her roles as a chef, restaurant owner, cookbook author and Food Network star. She made it to the top of the male-dominated food world as the mother of two young children, including a son who was born on the day her first restaurant opened in Nashville.

About This Episode…

The irrepressible Maneet shares how she discovered her love of cooking as a child growing up in India, the synergy of working closely with her husband, how she managed a new restaurant while her newborn son was in neonatal intensive care, how she compartmentalizes each aspect of her life to be 100 percent present in whatever she does, and the advice she offers aspiring young chefs.