Visionary Redefines Success

“Success in my 20s was being able to pay my own rent; success today is being able to give back.”

-Marcie Allen

Her Story of Success…

After a decade in the music business, Marcie Allen “saw a huge void that was waiting to be filled” and launched MAC Presents, an agency that creates partnerships between leading brands and top artists like the Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters. The agency’s success has made Marcie a powerful figure in the music industry, but she’s quick to reveal that her climb to the top was marked by challenges, stumbles and setbacks — as well as a personal reappraisal of what success really means.

About This Episode…

Marcie tells us how attending 16 different schools made her a stronger person, why it takes “a stomach of steel” to start a business from scratch, how she put the pieces of her life back together after a divorce and why she never schedules a meeting before 11 a.m.