A CEO in the Role of Servant Leader

“I have this saying — learn from your past, prepare for your future and perform in the present.”

-Misty Mayes

Her Story of Success…

Misty Mayes believes that every organization and every person is capable of positive change — an attitude that led her to launch a management consulting firm that has garnered national business awards and won acclaim for its commitment to community service. Misty formed Management Solutions in 2002 after a successful career as an industrial engineer and project manager, all while raising three sons with her husband Sam. She once turned down an opportunity to meet with President Obama so she could attend her son’s championship soccer game in Tennessee. “ I think we as women can beat ourselves up over all the things we miss, but I try to focus on the things that I was there for. Its a day-in, day-out struggle,” she says of her efforts to combine parenting with her management role.