Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

If you are like me, you will remember 3 days before Mother’s Day that you should in fact give your wonderful mother a thoughtful gift. I hope for your sake that you are not like me and will use this post to help brainstorm and hopefully find in our suggestions the thoughtful gift you were hoping to give well before the deadline.

The Practical – Something she can use often to make life easier.

Yoga Mat – Hugger Mugger Nature Collection Ultra Yoga Mat $47.95

A good yoga mat is pretty hard to beat. The Hugger Mugger brand comes up in a lot of searches for the best yoga mat for your buck. This design is lightweight and comes in some cool patterns to choose from. They also have a ton of other yoga products you can check out on their site.

Tote – Madewell Medium Transport Tote $158.00

This sleek tote is perfect for throwing in the laptop, gym clothes, snacks for mom’s on the go and literally anything else you can fit in there. I use a similar one for carrying office notes, files, books, and electronics. If she doesn’t have one she needs one and you can get it here.

Luggage – Away Signature Garment Bag $195

I just love the Away brand story too much to not include one of their great products. An added plus is that if the mom in your life is busy traveling for work then she definitely NEEDS this. The bag will allow her to travel easy and show up dressed for success. You can find it on the Away Travel website.

Just for fun! – Nothing practical here, except coffee its a basic human need.

Beauty Subscription Box – IPSY $10.00

I was so happy to find IPSY a very wallet friendly subscription. It walks you through a short questionnaire about you and your makeup preferences before setting you up with customized makeup products from brands like L’OREAL, e.l.f., bareMinerals, and more. Featuring a $10 glam bag and offerings to enhance that purchase makes it easy to customize. You can sign up for monthly or yearly subscription here.

Personalized Necklace – Blushes and Gold Etsy Shop $38.00

A simple personalized gold necklace with her children’s name would be a great Mother’s Day Gift. The simple design will match almost any outfit, and if gold isn’t her thing, there are silver and rose options to choose from as well. The Blushes and Gold Etsy shop also features a variety of other personalized and non-personalized jewelry to browse here.

Coffee Subscription – Atlas Coffee Club $60.00

I was so excited to find this and may be ordering it for myself soon. For $60 you can get a three-month subscription including gourmet exotic coffee, brewing recommendations, and postcard from its country of origin. They also have 6- and 12-month subscriptions, as well as the option to buy a single bag. Please be sure to check them out here.

Last Minute – Cross your fingers Amazon Prime doesn’t let you down.

Bath Bombs – Life Around 2 Angles 12 Bath Bomb Set $26.80

Everyone likes bath bombs. Every time I gift them to my mom and sister they seem to disappear with my nephews. They say they love the smell, but I think mostly the cool colors it creates in the bath water. They are individually wrapped and each is its own unique color and set. The best part is you can order them on prime for 2 day shipping.

Robo Vacuum – Ecovacs Deebot N79S $149.99

Let’s be real this is a literal “ain’t nobody got time for that” task. I don’t know a single person who enjoys vacuuming but almost everyone I know enjoys a clean home. This was reviewed as one of the best priced models for its features. And of course you can buy it Amazon here.

Fitness Tracker – Fitbit Blaze $184.00

The Fitbit Blaze is a bit on the pricier side, but with all its features (from workout goals and summaries, to connecting to your GPS, and measuring your all day activity) it is hard to beat. Most reviews for fitness trackers had it listed as one of the best for its price. And of course you can find it on Amazon.

While we did take the time to build a gift list for Mother’s Day, it is a day more about gathering family than it is about the gifts we give. We hope you have a great Mother’s Day celebrating with the women in your family!